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index for inclusion

Global Thinking


Who are we?

Global Thinking websiteGlobal Thinking is a small consultancy of specialists who are passionate about development education and global learning.


We each have experience of working in different local, national and international contexts and can bring fresh insights and global perspectives to teaching and learning in the UK. We share with and learn from other educators around the world to explore common values in global learning whilst developing varied approaches and methods for differing contexts. 


Expertise and methodologies

Our team includes trained facilitators in:


Our values


What is Global Learning?

Think Global websiteIn a fast changing, globalised world, education needs to help people understand the wider world around them and make the global connections between issues such as poverty or climate change and their own lives. It should prepare them to live and work in a global society and economy and engage them to make the world a better place.


Think Global defines global learning as education that puts learning in a global context, fostering:

This is a broad concept, and Think Global encourages educators to think about the global learning needs of their students, which will be different in different contexts.


There are eight overlapping concepts that are at the heart of global learning:

Educators will bring these out in different ways depending upon the context.


Global Thinking and the Index for Inclusion

The Index encourages global thinking in education, through Indicators such as A1.8: 'The school encourages an understanding of the interconnections between people around the world', and through the global scope of its curriculum, which 'suggests learning activities linked to experience that promote an understanding of the interdependence of environments and peoples around the earth'.